Andrew was born in Glasgow and spent most of his recent working life in aviation and held a Private Pilot’s licence. He had worked for both the Transport Security Administration in the USA as well as the Department for Transport in the UK.

andrewgemmellHis passion for archaeology started with aviation archaeology in the 1970s and he helped establish the British Aviation Archaeology Council. He was also involved with major projects here and abroad including the Time Team.

Andrew felt that the greatest project in which he took part, as an accomplished and experienced diver, was assisting in the recovery of a Wellington Bomber from Loch Ness.

Andrew was also involved with the National Museums of Scotland’s East Fortune Museum as a student restoring aircraft for the opening of the museum.

Nearing retirement, he found a passion for traditional archaeology and had completed the Certificate in Field Archaeology at the University of Glasgow; also he had commenced a postgraduate course in Battlefield and Conflict Archaeology or Material Culture.

Andrew was a member of the European Association of Archaeologists and attended the very successful conference in Glasgow. He was a very valued and active Council member of the Glasgow Archaeology Society and was involved with the Clyde and Avon Heritage Group and also the Association of Certificated Field Archaeologists.

Andrew was always full of life and so very enthusiastic about archaeology, his courses, his contacts, GAS and the friends he recently made and those he knew of old. He was kind and generous, shared so much with us and was such a valued friend and member of the Council that we will greatly miss him.

Dorothy Gormlie