The Wrecks of Newshot Island

View of the Forth of Clyde

By Stephen Stockdale

I thought I knew the Clyde estuary; I mean I had sailed down the river from the Broomielaw all the way to Ireland and up and down the upper reaches several times, but Newshot Island? Never heard of it! In fact, Newshot Island didn’t start out as an island at all, but, more of that later.

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The Dalrymple Lectures

Professor John C. Barrett

The Dalrymple Lectures
16th-19th November 2015

Each year the Dalrymple Lectures hosts a number of lectures on topics of historical and archaeological interest from a guest speaker, and recent speakers for the lecture series have included Lord Colin Renfrew, Dr. Chris Stringer, Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe, Professor Ian Hodder, Professor David Breeze and Professor Andrew-Wallace Hadrill.

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