On Thursday April 18th, 2019, Glasgow Archaeological Society will be holding its Annual General Meeting, starting at 7.15pm in lecture room 208 in the Sir Alexander Stone building on University Garden. This will be followed by Bob Will's lecture on 20 Years of Archaeology on St Kilda, at the same venue and starting at 7.30pm, which will bring the 2018-2019 GAS lecture programme to a close.


20 Years of Archaeology on St Kilda

Detail of St KildaThis year it will be 20 years since Bob Will first visited St Kilda to carry on the archaeological research project started by Dr Alex Morrison and staff from the University of Glasgow and Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division (G.U.A.R.D). This work was undertaken by the National Trust For Scotland Work Party volunteers and involved trial trenching, survey and geophysics at locations both within the Village and on the outskirts of Village Bay.

This lecture will take the opportunity for Bob to summarise the archaeological work on St Kilda that took place before he got involved, in addition to the work that has been done since then, including the new investigations that GUARD Archaeology Ltd are currently undertaking as the MOD base is re-built. This has resulted in the largest area excavation ever undertaken on St Kilda.

Please note the change in venue for this lecture. The Sir Alexander Stone building is situated on University Gardens.

This event is free of charge and no booking is necessary. As with all of our lectures, members and non-members of Glasgow Archaeological Society are welcome to attend.


About the Lecturer – Bob Will

Bob Will has been working in archaeology for over 30 years, mainly in Scotland with the odd ‘working holiday’ abroad. He was freelance for 10 years, a project manager with G.U.A.R.D for 15 years, and has been with GUARD Archaeology Ltd for 8 years. In that time he has worked on all periods of site but maintains a soft spot for things medieval, and medieval pottery in particular.

GUARD Archaeology was formerly part of Glasgow University (since 1989) and started trading as an independent company on the 1st January 2011. The company undertakes commercial contracts, research and consultancy in archaeology and heritage for individuals, industry and government, working throughout Scotland and across the UK and Europe. They provide a full range of archaeological services and products to the highest standards and are known for our commercial problem-solving to the benefit of our clients and the historic environment. Guard Archaeology is a CIfA Registered Organisation.




Image credit: Donna Green via Flickr