Every December, Glasgow Archaeological Society's annual Lecture Programme opens the floor to lectures from its membership as part of our Members' Night.

On Thursday December 20th, 2018, Lawrence Keppie will be giving a lecture, titled Pontius Pilate: the Scottish Connection. This will be followed by a lecture from Jim Mearns and Gavin McNae on Droning over the Antonine Wall. The lectures will begin at 7:30pm in the Boyd Orr Building in University Avenue.


Pontius Pilate: the Scottish Connection

Fortingall is a small village in Perthshire and according to legend it was the birthplace of Pontius Pilate. Lawrence will explore this legend / connection and provide evidence to support his conclusions. 

Lawrence and his co-author Susan Bryson have produced a booklet on this subject which will be on sale on the evening.


Droning over the Antonine Wall

Jim and Gavin will give some information about the Antonine Wall and its’ survival. They will look at the Wall as it crosses Cawder Golf course, at Bar Hill and Rough Castle Forts from the perspective of a drone camera several hundred feet in the air.

The value of using aerial photography is well known to archaeologists but we are only just beginning to use drone technology and there is a need to understand the issues relating to that technology. They will, therefore, cover the legal as well as practical uses of a drone and in this respect will also mention the Roman Bathhouse at Bearsden.


About Professor Lawrence Keppie

Lawrence Keppie, is Professor Emeritus of Roman History and Archaeology, University of Glasgow; a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and was, before his retirement, Senior Curator of Archaeology, History and Ethnography at the Hunterian Museum.

He has guided the excavations of many of the Roman remains in Scotland including those of Bothwellhaugh Roman Fort. His special area of interest is that of Roman Military history and he has published numerous books and articles on the subject. He also edited the last three editions of the Antonine Wall Handbook and is a past President of the Society.


About Jim Mearns and Gavin McNae

Jim Mearns is a past President of the Society, the Editor of our Journal (the Scottish Archaeological Journal) and an active member of Council. He has considerable experience of both excavating and walking the Antonine Wall.

Gavin McNae is an experienced and Civil Aviation Authority approved drone pilot with a growing interest in archaeology.