In 2014, a metal detectorist discovered the richest collection of Viking-age objects ever found in Britain or Ireland. Now, National Museums Scotland are campaigning to raise the £1.98 million needed to keep the Galloway Hoard for the nation. You can help!


Save the Galloway HoardAbout the Galloway Hoard

The Galloway Hoard is currently on display at the National Museum Scotland in Edinburgh. The museum must secure funding to keep the hoard, or else its future looks uncertain.

The hoard is exceptional for its variety and range of objects from around the Viking Age world, including rare and unique treasures from the Holy Roman Empire, Byzantium, and even further afield. Aside from precious metals, the Galloway Hoard also contains some of the most unusual archaeological finds such as textiles, leather, and wooden fragments.

If NMS can secure the hoard for the nation, it will be able to preserve the items and provide an extremely rare opportunity for researchers to expand our knowledge of the Viking Age.



Time is running out to secure the funds needed to cover the cost of the Galloway Hoard. National Museums Scotland must raise the £1.98 million needed by November 2017.

To find out more about the Galloway Hoard and why the funds are needed, visit the website, or donate now at Alternatively, text HOARD to 70660 to donate £5.

National Museums Scotland, Scottish Charity, No. SC 011130



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