Meet at Cathcart Old Parish Churchyard 11.00 am (Suggested parking on Carmunnock Road opposite, Crompton Road and Braidwood Road nearby.)

 Visit the churchyard (site of recent Archaeological Geophysical Survey), the Snuff Mill Bridge and site of Cathcart Castle. Move to Queen’s Park c 12.30 – 1.00 pm (Parking suggested on Langside Road opposite the Victoria Infirmary upper entrance)

Picnic Lunch at the Glasshouses c 1.00 pm (There is a Café inside)

Visit Langside Library, the site of the Battle of Langside, Camphill Earthwork, and, time permitting, Camphill Queen’s Park Church with its Daniel Cottier stained glass windows. There will be some walking and suitable shoes should be worn to visit the site of Cathcart Old Tower (optional).

Saturday 16 April 2011
Led by Ian Marshall


Image by Glasgowfoodie