The Society's second winter excursion will be taking place on Saturday, April 16th, 2016, when we will be visiting the Titan Crane and Clydebank Library and Museum. 

The Titan Crane is a 150-foot-high cantilever crane situated at Clydebank. The world's first electrically-powered cantilever crane, the Titan was completed in 1907 – the largest crane of its kind at that time. It was built for use in heavy lifting during the fitting-out of battleships and ocean-going liners, and during its lifetime helped to fit out some of the biggest ships of the day (including the Queen Elizabeth 2). After falling into disuse in the 1980s, the crane was subsequently listed as a ‘Category A’ structure, and was eventually restored as part of a regeneration project beginning in 2005. By July 2007 the restoration project was completed, and the crane opened to the public as a heritage attraction replete with visitor centre. 

Our excursion will begin at 10:30am, meeting at the Titan Ticket Office. From there we will visit the crane, where members will have the opportunity to take in the magnificent views of the Clyde and surrounding area. In the afternoon we will be moving on to the Clydebank Library and Museum, where we will be taken on a guided tour and then have the opportunity to view the archaeological exhibits on display. Lunch may be enjoyed in the excellent café within the Library complex or at one of the local restaurants.

Members should make their own way to the crane; from Dumbarton Road, Clydebank, members should turn into Cart Street and follow the signs for ‘Titan Ticket Office’. There are parking spaces across from our meeting point.

There will be a charge of £3 per person (a group rate and discount on the individual rate). Numbers are limited so prior booking is essential. Any enquiries about the excursion, or requests to make a booking, can be made via our contact page.

For more information about Titan Clydebank, please see their website.


Image credit: Titan Crane by Mark Harkin