On Thursday, November 19th, 2020, Dr. Adrián Maldonado will be giving his lecture on Scotland at 1000 AD: An Artefactual History. Due to the current circumstances all of the lectures in Glasgow Archaeological Society's 2020-2021 programme will be held via Zoom for the foreseeable future, starting at 7.30pm as usual.

Scotland at 1000 AD: An Artefactual History

InchaffrayThis lecture will try to create a snapshot of Scotland at the turn of the first millennium AD. The age of ‘Viking’ raids was largely over, and what we now call ‘Scotland’ was still a mosaic of regional powers, languages, customs and laws. There are no neat boundaries, whether on the map nor on the chronological timeline, yet for much of Scotland there is little or no coverage from surviving historical documents, while museum collections (and hence several research projects) are heavily weighted toward finds from Norse-related burials, hoards and settlements in the northern and western isles.

The current Glenmorangie Research Project is reassessing the collections of National Museums Scotland to address what is currently an archaeological blind spot in our interpretation, the 9-12th centuries. Dr. Maldonado will argue that if we prioritise the material culture, we get a different story of an era which sees an unprecedented amount of experimentation with styles of governance, economic models, religious beliefs and concepts of nationhood.

In this story, Scotland at 1000 is less a ‘mosaic’ of separate peoples than a tapestry, with ideas interwoven in ways which require a new vision of a ‘dark age’.


About the Lecturer

Dr Adrián Maldonado is the Glenmorangie Research Fellow at National Museums Scotland. He has previously lectured in archaeology at the University of Glasgow and the University of Chester, where he specialised in early Christianity in Scotland and the archaeology of death and burial. He is currently working on the fourth phase of the Glenmorangie Research Project, entitled Creating Scotland: Making a Nation 800-1200 AD.



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