Field Work/Research Grant Conditions

The Society received a generous bequest from the Estate of the late Bruce Henry a long-standing and loyal member of the Society. This together with some of our own reserve funds has been invested and the interest earned enables the Society to made modest Grants to assist with Fieldwork or Original Research.

All applications to the Society will be considered by the committee. Applications must be in writing and provide the information set out below. Applicants must be members of Glasgow Archaeological Society. Grants will NOT be provided for undergraduate research in connection with obtaining a higher educational qualification in archaeology.

The following information is required:

  1. Name and address of the applicant. This will generally be an individual but may relate to the work of an organisation of which the individual is a member.
  2. Description of the project. This will briefly set out the aims and objectives of the research or fieldwork project and include any timescales that must be met. A clear succinct description of the project should amount to no more than 250 words.
  3. Use of grant money. This will explain the purpose for seeking a grant and clearly set out the uses to which the funds will be put if approved. Grants should be targeted to a particular aspect of a project as opposed to a general addition to global funds.
  4. List of any other organisations approached for funding and amount of moneys requested/approved.

It is an essential condition of a successful grant allocation that applicants must commit to providing a brief report to the Society on the work that was assisted by our Grant which may be published in the Society’s Newsletter A Touch of GAS or the Scottish Archaeological Journal. This may also be published on our website.

Applications should be made to the President.